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Minnesota Insurance Rights

Know your rights with your insurance agency in case of an accident. Minnesota state law protects you under statute 72a.201 when you make a claim on your automotive insurance.

Your insurance company is not allowed to require that you use a shop that they choose. They are also not allowed to attempt to pressure you into choosing one of their preferred shop or in-network shops. Don’t let them use scare tactics to steer you.

– The shop you chose is not on our list

-We can’t guarantee the repairs if your vehicle is repaired at the shop you choose

-Your repairs could be delayed if you don’t use the shops on our list

-You may be responsible for additional costs if repaired at the shop you choose

Statute 72a.201: insurance companies are not allowed to: “requir[e] as a condition of payment of a claim that repairs to any damaged vehicle must be made by a particular contractor or repair shop. … or engaging in any act or practice of intimidation, coercion, threat, incentive, or inducement for or against an insured to use a particular contractor or repair shop. Consumer benefits included within preferred vendor programs must not be considered an incentive or inducement.”
The insurer is not allowed to force you to us aftermarket parts. Note that window glass is excluded from this law.
Statute 72a.201: insurance companies are not allowed to: “requir[e] as a condition of payment of a claim that … that parts, other than window glass, must be replaced with parts other than original equipment parts.”
Your insurance company is not allowed to provide a full repair only if you have your vehicle repaired at an “in-network” shop. They must pay for a full repair regardless of which repair shop you choose. A repair to pre-accident condition also means covering any hidden damage that is not immediately apparent at the initial estimate, but becomes apparent after the repairs have started. Statute 72a.201: “Satisfactory repair includes repair of obvious and hidden damage caused by the claim incident.”
This applies only when your comprehensive or collision insurance coverage includes rental vehicle reimbursement.Statute 72a.201: insurance companies must “inform an insured making a claim under collision or comprehensive coverage, that includes rental vehicle reimbursement coverage, of the insured’s right to select any rental vehicle company.”
Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center before having your car repaired. You can do this, or you may leave your car at our shop and ask that the insurance company inspect the car here.Statute 72a.201: insurance companies are not allowed to: “regardless of whether the loss was total or partial, requiring unreasonable travel of a claimant or insured to inspect a replacement automobile, to obtain a repair estimate, to allow an insurer to inspect a repair estimate, to allow an insurer to inspect repairs made pursuant to policy requirements, or to have the automobile repaired.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Never drive a vehicle that may be unsafe. Czech Auto Body offers towing services. Most insurance policies offer towing for a collision. Consult with your insurance to confirm. 

The amount of time varies per vehicle. In order to provide a complete and accurate estimate we’ll need to look up manufacture’s procedures, scan your vehicle for diagnostic codes, and possibly remove certain parts that may have hidden damage.  

Every repair is different. A better timeframe will be provided once we know the full extent of damage, parts availability, and insurance approval is complete. Our estimator will reach out to you to discuss in detail the progress of your repair.

Typically a comprehensive claim should not affect your rates. We always recommend you consult with your insurance agent. They can provide you with information regarding the claim and your policy. If it’s a collision claim, check with your agent. Each insurance company is different have and have different sets of guidlines.

No, you are legally only required to get one estimate. With it being your choice where you want the repairs done. We work with all insurance companies.

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