Czech Auto Body & Towing is the areas authorized dealer of both Fisher and Snow Ex snow plows

SD Series by Fisher

The 26″ tall, powder coated, steel blade is available in 6′ 9″ and 7′ 6″ widths, and features a poly cutting edge with an aggressive, 75-degree attack angle for enhanced scraping and back dragging. It does the thinking for you!

HT Series by Fisher

Ideally suited for half-ton vehicles, the 7′ 6″ powder coated, steel moldboard is 27″ tall, offering you a full size plow for personal use. The aggressive, 75-degree attack angle provides enhanced scraping and back dragging.

Homesteader Series by Fisher

Designed to be light weight, yet full strength, the durable 21″ tall, corrosion proof, polyethylene blade will not crack and never needs painting. Even sticky, wet snow rolls right off its slick surface.
The 45-degree attack angle allows your vehicle to get the work done with ease. Available in 6′ 8″ and 7′-4″ width.

XLS Winged Plow by Fisher

Make no mistake, the XLS snow plow is the only expandable plow with independent wing control and trip edge protection. Since the wings aren’t fixed-forward, you can cast snow farther when windrowing by opening the trailing wing, getting your work done up to 30% faster. If you require versatility, the snow plow can be hydraulically transformed into a variety of configurations to maximize your snow plowing efficiency.

 XV2 by Fisher

The all new XV2 V-plow features extreme flared wings and ultra-responsive hydraulics to provide outstanding performance. With a blade that goes from 31” in the center to 39” on the outer edge (on the 9’6” model), it busts through big drifts and will carry more snow.
The XV2 comes in either a stainless steel finish or powder coated steel to protect against rust and wear.

Xtreme V by Fisher

The XtremeV V-plow is excellent for busting through a long snow packed driveway or clearing out a lot of parked cars. With Fisher’s trip-edge system, only the edge trips, keeping the blade upright and the plowed snow in front of the blade.
Available in widths of 7’6”, 8’6” or 9’6” and either stainless steel or powder coated steel.

Fisher features the Minute Mount 2 mounting system and is an incredibly fast and easy hook-up. Drive in, snap the connectors in place, and get to work!

UTV V-Plow by Snow Ex

The UTV V-plow doesn’t just work with utility vehicles, it was specifically designed for use with them. Two width settings cover the optimal tire track width on a wide range of UTVs. And, for maximum versatility, the plow quickly configures from straight, to scoop, to V at the touch of a button, angling to 5′ wide to cater to most sidewalks and to fit through gates.

Regular Duty by Fisher

For personal plowing or light-duty commercial snow plowing jobs using half-ton pick-ups, the SnowEx® 7600RD and 8000RD are engineered to meet vehicle weight ratings and deliver excellent performance. Built with stronger and lighter high-strength steel, the units are ideal for tough conditions while putting less stress on your truck than heavier snow plows.